British Colleges Sport ECFA East Midlands Men’s Invitation Cat 3 ECFA



Date KO OpponentsCompResultScorersReport
WED20/09/1713:30HBrokehouse Mens2ECFA3:0BARKER 2
WED11/10/1713:30HAFD MENS 2ECFA6:1Harrison Craig 2, Connor Barker,
Mama Balde,
Dino Lee.
James Blake (pen)
1st Half
A solid overall performance from SoccerStar started with a very high intensity game straight from the off. A very strong and composed side managed to completely dominate on possession with AFD unable to get close. The first goal of the game came in the 33rd minute and went to a deserved SoccerStar team with a very well worked goal. The ball was played out wide to SoccerStar’s number 7 George Drummond, Drummond managed to beat his player on the wing and deliver and delightful ball for Barker to bring it down beautifully on his chest to create space and slot it straight past the keeper from 14 yards. A second goal for SoccerStar was shortly followed from an outstanding piece of Tiki Taka football from the number 10 Harrison Craig, and forward Connor Barker. Craig won the ball from high pressing the opposing team, played a lovely one touch one-two with Barker on the edge of the box to tear the defence apart for Craig to the slot home at the keepers near post. 2-0 SoccerStar.
2nd Half
AFD came out of the half time team talk very strong but once again the SoccerStar boys managed to crack them down and begin to dominate the game again. A 3rd goal for SoccerStar was an absolute screamer from number 10, Craig. Lurking around the 18-yard box, he received the ball on the edge of the box, a first-time pin point strike saw the ball fly straight into the top right-hand corner of the goal. Shortly after number 9, Connor Barker, fired a shot at goal which had too much power behind it for the keeper to hold onto, and sharper than any other player, SoccerStar’s number 11, Mama Balde, fired the ball straight into the goal of a rebound. A great run from Liam Hatfield (8) almost saw him score one of the goals of the season so far. Picking up the ball on the right-hand side of the pitch on the half way line, he managed to beat 5 players through pure, skill, power and pace managing to get himself a shooting opportunity to the hammer the ball against the post. Not long after the number 8 picked up the ball again and with another piece of great footwork managed to beat his player once again before going down in the box for the ref to then give a penalty for SoccerStar, which then saw goalkeeper James Blake, step up to take. A calm collected keeper slotted it straight down the middle pure power. 5-0. However, the clean sheet was not the case for goal scorer Blake. SoccerStar’s Craig was brought down in his own half which the ref saw nothing wrong with. AFD then picked up the ball and managed to get one back with a first-time half volley into the back of the net. Nevertheless, Genovese’s boys were not quite finished yet, a well worked goal which stemmed from skipper, Matthews playing the ball out to Craig before quickly receiving it again on the edge of the box. Then managed to squeeze a lovely pass through to the number 4, Dino Lee for him then to slot home to complete the game in the 90th minute.
MOTM- Harrison Craig
Team From: 1. Blake, 2. Hall, 5. Matthews (c), 6. Greenway, 3. Silva, 4. Lee, 8. Hatfield, 10. Craig, 11. Balde, 7. Drummond, 9 Barker. Bench: 12. Sturgeon, 13. Vinden, 14. Bonnett
WED08/11/1713:30HAFD MENS 3ECFA4:0Harrison Craig 2, Mama Bolde,
Max Marshall
WED29/11/1713:30ABROOKEHOSE MENS 3ECFA0:1Barker
WED06/12/1713:30HNUNEATON TOWN 2ECFA 6:4Barker 3
Marshall 2
WED17/01/1814:00HDRAPER NORTONECFA3:1George Drummond 2
Liam Hatfield
WED31/01/1813:30ADRAPER NORTON 2ECFA4:3Connor Barker 2
Matthew Bonnett
WED07/02/1814:00ABROOKEHOUSE 2ECFA2:2Liam Hatfield
Max Marshall
WED21/02/1813:30HGainsborough ConnexionsECFA6:0Max Marshall 2
Connor Barker
James Blake
Charlie Matthews
Jake Cooper
WED28/02/1814:00AGainsborough ConnexionsECFA2:10Max Marshall 2
Matthew Bonnett 2
Vitor Vas 2
Tiago Dias 3
Jake Cooper
WED14/03/1813:30AAFD 2ECFA0:1Leandro Silva
WED18/04/1814:00AAFD 3ECFA2:1Jake Cooper
WED25/04/1813:30HBROOKEHOUSE 3ECFA3:4Liam Hatfield
Connor Barker
WED09/05/1813:30ANUNEATON 2